Bugs and Issues Okse Wallet & Card

This Topic is created for bug and issue reports! If you have any support questions please use www.help.okse.io

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What is the circulating supply of okse and how can i buy? Can i use the card in Uk?

Hello admin. @tg_cryptos

Please edit the frequently asked questions section of your okse website. Replace Julcard with Okse wallet and card.

Image below

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Thank you :blush:
But when will you launch the token

Hello @tg_cryptos

Please edit the support section of your website.

The drop-down menu on “reasons for contacting us” contains an option for Julwallet instead of okse wallet.

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We change it. Thanks

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also the text we receive for KYC phone verification says julwallet

thanks you we check it

Hello @tg_cryptos

The latest okse wallet update on Android shows a metamax logo and not okse logo.

See image below.

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These have been resolved already. Thanks :muscle:t4:

Hello @tg_cryptos

A friend forwarded this to me via Twitter. He said he got confused seeing emails from both okse and julwallet while doing his kyc.

I asked him to continue though, that it’s safe. But this should be fixed.

Pls refer to screenshot below.

hi, we are not sending emails from julwallet we only send from Okse. this got changed a long time ago.

This is how you will receive the email jul wallet is there

That’s right.

The CEO @tg_cryptos confirmed last night that the issue has been fixed.