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How is the audit for the card progressing thus far.

Hi, the first audit is done and the team is working on the findings to make the contract as secure as possible.

I think end of the week the findings should be fixed and then the audit team can review it again.

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Okay, that’s great. Looking forward to use the card when all is done.

All the best.

1.)When we see okse app on Play Store and ios ?

2.)when we see site ui improvement cauz ui is a big thing for a project !?

3.) When you announce Okse Strategic Partners and Investors !?

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Hello OKSE Team.

Has there been any efforts to get the license, for Nigerians :nigeria: to resume using the card?

I remember we were announced earlier, but later removed due to regulations.

Any update as regards this?

  1. In June will be both uploaded to Google and Apple

  2. In the next step before the go live happens

  3. If the time is right


it is not about our license, we are connected to payment providers and it is mostly due to regulations. If there should be any change we will announce it.

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Hi team
Okse contract audit is done or not?

Okay @tg_crgptos

Thank you for answering

Hello @Mrphilip according to @tg_cryptos reply. Read below

@Mrphilip read here :+1:

Any news on okse yet?

*Any new news about okse !?
*What the circulation supply whe okse tge including juld compensate airdrop !?
*Which month we see Okse Tge !?
*Who are Big backers ( vcs ) !?

Will okse launch in this red market or will hold on till market gain attention?

Is this market okay for okse launching?

unknown until today. updates will follow

The market looks not very good right now but all over 2 years back btc was at 3k and now we are average 30k, so nothing to complain about it all over. To launch you should not chose the worst market conditions but sometimes you can see some light on the market faster than exepected.

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Thats true. Thanks for replying

Still anticipating the launch of this innovative technology. Love from Nigeria :nigeria: :nigeria:

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