What is happening with the Okse Airdrop?

Please note this is not an attack on the project to the team but rather a message of disappointment with a lack of leadership and responsibility.

First of all, why is there no communication? When will the following airdrops be?

Second, according to the snapshot, 20% should have been given with the first airdrop but less than 1% was given. https://snapshot.org/?utm_source=voting#/julswap.eth/proposal/0x7b5d3d20fea5a674a0a9b7a77acebdfa327c65f53c2cd91b99d3d842c92d573a
Was it a lie? Can we not follow through with what was promised?

Finally, why do any dates given keep getting broken? The airdrop was overdue, the launch of the token was overdue.

Please update us on the above