Why my KYC failed? And asking resubmit and failed again

Hi @Ameeen4live

Check your email to see if you will get a follow up mail letting you know why your kyc failed.
In most cases, your documents are either

  • not readable
  • Old utility bill for address verification
  • the id card is not what is required.

You need either of this;

Driver’s license
Resident permit

Hlo @douglasransom my kyc is approved and i have not received the $20 bonus for kyc.
[email protected]

Hi @sheikhsalah

This is because the event ended before your kyc was approved.

The event was to reward the first 200 people to Kyc and submit form.

I didn’t receive any email about that…, Or can i resumit again…

Yes pls, Kindly resubmit. This time, make sure you are using valid documents, make sure they are not close to expiring, and also make sure they are readable.

Hi, I have a question: my wife’s name filled in utility bill, but not mine. Will it be a problem during KYC process or not?

Hello @handlar
The Essene of utility bill is to proof your address, i believe you can use it.

If that doesn’t work then get an account statement from your bank.

It’s easier when you use a bank account statement.